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About the Corner House

Dear Guest!

The Corner House Guest House is located next to the M1 motorway, connecting Vienna and Budapest,  in the little baroque town Tata, just 250 meters away from a nice lakeside.

Our guest house has 12 rooms, equipped with bathroom, air conditioning, mini bar and television. 

Rooms can be reserved with self service, or with breakfast. In case of self service, a fully equipped kitchen is available. There is a closed, guarded yard available for parking.  (parking places limited) 

1. Double room:

Price: HUF 18,000,- /night

          EUR   48,- /night

2. Triple room:

Price: HUF 23,500,- /night

        EUR      63,- /night

3. Extra apartment room with separated entrance:

Price: HUF 20,000,- /night /2 persons

              EUR    53,- /night /2 persons

Rooms can be equipped with an extra bed. 

Price HUF  5,500,- 

        EUR        15,-


The guest house has an own parking place, all rooms have a television, mini bar and a number combination safe. Air conditioning makes your stay during the hot summers comfortable.

Upon advanced arrangement, pets like dogs and cats are allowed. Washing possibility is availble also. Bycicles are available for the guests to borrow.

A 24 hour reception is operating in the guest house. 

To help our business clients, guests, or just for fun, there is free wifi / WLAN service available, and also a stand alone PC. 

If you have a special occasion, like anniversary or birthday, upon advance request we put flowers, or beverages in the room.

What we offer you in our own garden: barbecue place, playing equipments for children. Within short distance: hunting, fishing, tennis court, horseriding, sailing, borrowing sport equipments. 

Within 100 meters: restaurants, lángos (hungarian speciality, a salty pastry with sour cream, garlic and cheese on top), baked fish from the lake, pizza, sweet shops.

Prices include VAT.

The town of Tata, with its museums, monuments, natural resources, attracts lots of inland and foreign tourists throughout the year. It offers you and your family a calm, quiet place to relax.

We hope that this little introducion was useful and helps you to decide, and that we can welcome you as our future guest soon.

The Corner House Guest House


Architectural sights

The Castle: 

Built and rebuilt at the initiation of the Lackffy family in the late 1300s. Today it is one of the beauties of Tata. The castle had its heyday during the reign of king Zsigmond Luxembourg and Mátyás Hunyadi as a royal holiday home. The walls around the castle reflect the characteristics of romantic architecture which we are to thank to the Esterházy family who lived here. The building on the shore of Old Lake is still an eye-catching sight. 

Esterházy Palace: 

Built for the Esterházy family in the 1700s. Its northern tower room has historical importance, since Frank the 1st, king of Hungary signed the Schönbrunn treaty among these walls. 

The Romantic Artificial Ruins: 

The romantic-style building imitates the ruins of a three naved church. This beautiful artwork, in the northern part of the English Garden, was designed by the French architect, Charles Moreau. 

The Turkish mosque: 

Legend has it that the the even octagonal, ogival building was built at a place where once the hut of a sacred Turkish hermit was. 

The Small Manor: 

The oldest building in the English garden was originally built as a summer mansion in copf style. Its speciality are the patio steps which depict the concentrical circles that are generated by a stone thrown into water. 

The bellfry: 

The pecularity of this structure, also known as clock tower, is that the woodwork was constructed without the use of nails. On the wall you can read a tablet reminiscent of the parilamentary session once held in Tata. Since 2004 the progress of time has been indicated each hour with carillon. 

Roman Catholic Church of the exaltation of the holy cross: 

The Church in Kossuth Square was designed by the gifted architects Anton Franz Pilgram, Jakab Fellner and József Grossmann. The interior of the two-tower church is, among others, the work of Adolf Mohl, Antal Gött, Antal Schweiger and János György Mes. 

The Capuchin Monastery: 

The simple exterior of the Monastery hides a compelling baroque interior. A Capuchin monks came to Tata at the invitation of József Esterházy. The three main oaths of the solitary monks – poverty, purity, submission – are also symbolized by the white rope-belt tying their brown frock. 

Calvary Chapel and Look-out tower: 

The Chapel and the the look-out tower are reminiscent of Jakab Fellner who had a major role in forming the baroque townscape. The Chapel was built on the foundation of St. John Church which once stood there and was later demolished. The look-out tower, which once served as a pellet moulding tower, is 40 metres high and has nearly 200 steps leading to the top. 


The springs which were once gushing forth created excellent conditions for water mills which used hydropower. No wonder that there were about 20 watermills operating in Tata. 

The Old Lake: 

One of the greatest attractions of Tata. The nearly 250 hectare lake falls under the control of the international Ramsar treaty which was established for the protection of the world’s most important water habitats.It is the only town lake in Europe which serves as a temporary resting place in the autumn and winter months for tens of thousands of wild geese and other migrating birds. 

The English Garden: 

The first English style garden in Hungary, designed and planted by Ferenc Böhm manorial architect from 1783, still provokes us for a walk. The springs, which had abundand runoff at that time, created a unique climate and constantly wet soil. This made it possible to plant different kinds of water loving plants from around the world. Interestingly Tata was the first place where willow trees were planted in Hungary. 

Cseke Lake: 

This 25-hectare artifical lake, enclosed by the English Garden, was named after a Landlord called Cseke. Today it is a very popular fishing resort, with beautiful, old sycamore trees on its shore. 

Calvary Hill: 

On this limestone table, earlier known as Marble Hill or Saint Stephen Hill, you will find a small chapel, built by Jakab Fellner, a 40-metre-high look-out tower (once used to mould pellet), and calvary statues. The present name of the hill comes from the creator of the latter, Antal Schweiger. At the foot of the hill you can find a Geological museum. The uniqueness of the museum lies in the fact that it is the only place where you can study the fossilized sediments of 60 million years. 

The botanical garden of Agostyán: 

The garden was founded originally for silvicultural research in 1955. Today it is a popular sight for tourists. The garden occupies a territory of 31 hecatres, where you can find 380 evergreen and 40 deciduous species of trees and bushes. The odour of volatile oils in the galipot of the conifer leaves creates a special atmosphere. 



H-2890 Tata, Tulipán utca 1.
Telefon / Fax: 06 34 / 489-324
Mobil: 00 36 20 / 363 1795
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cornerhousepanzio/
Email: booking@cornerpanzio.hu


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